Pravin Gandhi: Teesta – Torsa experience – on way to Manas Tiger Reserve

The Teesta -Torsa experience 1st leg:  Calcutta –> Manas Tiger Reserve in Assam on the India-Bhutan border; then –> Gangtok, Sikkim;  then –> Pelling/Hillay/Varshay/Sombarey; then –> Darjeeling; and back to Calcutta. Click on any of the links. Little did we know, that the adventure would… Continue reading

Serendipity of Pravin Gandhi – making pleasant discoveries by accident: Manas Tiger Reserve

contd from Part-1: how we arrived at Manas Tiger Park, from Calcutta So finally we had arrived at Manas Forest Lodge in the Assam state of India. It was a one -storeyed wood building, camouflaged in… Continue reading

આ પણ મંતવ્ય જ! This too, Opinion!

બહુ સાંભળ્યું કે “દુનિયા મીથ્યા છે”, “બધુ માયા છે” . હવે સાંભળો: દુનિયા માં બધું જ્ઞાન અસલ માં મંતવ્ય છે. ફક્ત બની ગયેલી અને રેકોર્ડ કરેલી ઘટના જ છે જે મંતવ્ય નથી. બાકી બધું, લખેલું કે બોલેલું , સમકાલીન… Continue reading

Pravin Gandhi with Baba Amte and Dr. Prakash Amte in forests of Chandrapur

Bollywood has made a biopic on Prakash Amte, a medical doctor and son of the tribal welfare worker, the late, Padma Vibhushan Baba Amte. This news brought back memories of my visit to the dense… Continue reading

Pravin Gandhi’s People and Places, of Amsterdam and the Trader of Trinkets

He was in the next bunk in a hostel in Amsterdam, Hotel Adolesce. I was starting off as a vagabond traveller on Frommer’s “Europe on $20 a day” and a Eurail Pass. He was… Continue reading

Pravin Gandhi’s people and places: Tawang, and Nano

His name was Nano. Wouldn’t be a year over 20. We had been given him and his SUV at Bomdila in India’s Arunachal Pradesh state which borders with Tibet (China). Fair, medium build, a gelled… Continue reading

Pravin Gandhi’s people and places: Ram Singh of Narkanda

We were in Shimla on Xmas day, and there was neither snowfall nor snow. The regional head for a cooking-gas cylinder distribution company who we met socially, advised us to go deeper into… Continue reading

Pravin Gandhi: A Beautiful Music – Mary, Queen of Scots

If you have been to Edinburgh, you would no doubt have visited the Holyrood Palace at the opposite end of the Edinburg Castle. However, this post is not about the place or history,… Continue reading

Pravin Gandhi: A Beautiful Music – in the Paris metro

Before you listen to this Beautiful Music, drive everyone out of the room for a few minutes, shut the doors and windows, don’t answer the doorbell or phone, and turn up your computer… Continue reading

Pravin Gandhi – Brrrrmaur and a roller-coaster trip: People, places and perceptions

We boarded a bus after a satisfying Rajma-Chawal lunch at a Vaishno dhaba at Chamba in the Himachal Pradesh state of India, to go to Bharmaur, deeper into the Himalayan folds. We had… Continue reading