Life @ 70%

Where do you want to go?

Work-life balance

At least the man has a choice!

There are some who do not have the luxury of choosing: emburdened by expectation and responsibility at any stage of life.

Some make a mental note to pursue their favourite, latent wish “some day”, and drive on.

(I remember the popular song, in which a fetching Zeenat Aman, in a wet, clinging sari, dancing in a garden in the rain, inviting a Manoj Kumar who is standing under a shelter on his way to a work interview, to join her. The words are

Hai Hai Ye Majboori                                 Woe to your helpnessness
Ye mausam aur ye doori                         (Why) This distance in such an ambiance
Mujhe pal pal hai tadpaaye                     Every moment I wonder
Teri do takiyaa di naukri                         Your two bits worth of job
Mera Laakho kaa saawan jaaye            While my millions worth of romance fritters away

You can see the song sequence at The sequence might look a bit corny by today’s standards, but Zeenat Aman of 70’s vintage still sizzles without being daring compared to today’s sirens).


There are some firmly entrenched in one of the two worlds, seemingly not caring for the other. They have already made the choice.

And then there are some who have the best of both worlds, who do not need to make a choice.