Moonlight Sonata on the Brahmaputra

I must be truly blessed to watch the sun set and a full moon from a motor boat ferrying locals over the mighty Brahmaputra river of India. Even the local people who regularly commute over the river fell silent . It was a moving experience, very private, very spiritual.

I love the river scenes from films set in Bengal, like Saratchandra’s PanditMashai (made into hindi film Khushboo), and Bimal Roy’s Bandini. Like Uttam Kumar standing at the bow of a motor launch, pondering over his fate in the film Amanush, here I was, standing on the bow of a boat on the Brahmaputra, staring at the expansive river at Majuli, world’s largest river island, near Jorhat in Assam state of India.

I have been to the source of this awesome river too, in 1984, in the first year that China allowed Indians to visit Mansarovar and Kailash in Tibet by trekking route through Lipu Lekh pass.

Beethoven or Hemant Kumar

I have added two sound tracks to make two 3-minute videos. Listen to both videos at a quiet, peaceful time and feel the serenity and spirituality.

1.  Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata Opening Movement will fill you with a peaceful easy feeling.  Turn on your speakers, and click

2. Hemant Kumar’s “O Nodi Re” will take you to rural Bengal.  Click

May the tranquility be with you.

Sunset on the Brahmaputra on one side of boat

Full Moon rise over the Brahmaputra

Full moon rise on other side of boat

Pravin Gandhi on the bow of ferry