How “DON’T” dents our lives

The comedian Bill Cosby once famously remarked that he grew up thinking his name was “DONT“!

As if it is not enough that we are constrained by having just 5 senses, and the limited bandwidth that our eyes
can see and ears can hear, we are – from the instant that we are born – bombarded by a never-ending volley of “DONT’s”.

Every time we are told “Don’t”, we limit our thoughts; we draw yet another boundary closer and closer to ourselves, till we cannot maneouvre and we choke.. We are serially programmed by fears and dangers; parents and teachers;  society and laws;  religion and tradition; protocol and etiquette; ambition and responsibilities; which bombard us with “DONT’s”.

Could it be that a just-born baby with a clean state of mind, not yet subjected to its first “DON’T“; or an old man suffering from Alzheimers, his mind stripped of layer after layer of protocol, etiquette and knowledge imbibed over a lifetime; or a highly creative and sensitive person on a drug-induced “trip” could overcome “programming” and see/hear/experience new sights and sounds, a very different world and inverse, that we cannot?