“One at a Time” and the tradition of short-story-telling

Reviving the tradition of short-story telling

Reviving The tradition of short-story telling

This week I released my book “One at a Time” – short stories to muse by. So now I am officially an author!

India is the birthplace of the tradition and art of story-telling. To this day, the Panchatantra ancient Indian stories is an example of the simplest form of story-telling, despite its story-within-a-story format. The Panchatrantra –  in two parts The Loss of Friends and Winning of Friends – could be equally interesting to children as well as adults of this generation. To think that such wisdom and the art of simple story-telling existed over 3000 years ago will put its relevance in contemporary context. It is the most frequently translated literary product of India (Wikipedia).

This art or tradition of pure and simple story-telling is getting lost, amidst the domination of the audio-visual media.

Yet India is and will remain the land of story-telling and story-tellers. Literary greats like Tagore and Munshi Premchand to Rudyard Kipling and Ruskin Bond have stuck to the Indian art of short story-telling.

One at a Time is a collection of short stories. I would like that tradition of short story-telling to revive, to thrive.

My stories are inspired by my travels. I travel to offbeat places, by public transport and over land. So I get to see the country, interact/mingle with the locals. Every person is a story. IMAGINE! BILLIONS OF STORIES!!!

Short stories are great for bedtime reading, in between time slots, to narrate verbally to someone. They do not require time commitment and stick with the reader longer. It is an art, and a challenge, to build the character and the interest and the plot and its conclusion/resolution in just a few pages.

I invite you to SAVOUR THE DELIGHTS OF SHORT STORIES. Get “One at a Time” today.

Please visit http://www.pravingandhi.com/one-at-a-time to order your copy in India, USA, rest-of-the-world, print or digital version.

In India, one can also send a cheque for Rs. 224 (delivery in Mumbai) or Rs. 249 (delivery outside Mumbai) to Pravin Gandhi, 594/8, jam-e-Jamshed Road, Matunga, Mumbai 400019.

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e-book: www.pothi.com/pothi/book/ebook-pravin-gandhi-one-time

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