From pursuing a techy profession to pursuing fine thoughts and interests; learning about the Quantum world to learning the piano; traveling to off-beat places to gathering rich experience of places and people; blogging about all of the above; and now writing a book of short stories in his latest initiative, Pravin Gandhi is a Left-brain and a Right-brain person at the same time, driven by a desire to be, to do, something different, something new, at any time.

Pravin Gandhi studied Engineering in India and USA, and is a software marketing professional, living in Mumbai.

He is author of a book of new-age short stories, some of which are based on quantum weirdness, some on paranormal events, some depict a future scenario a la Jules Verne, while others reflect deep internal conflict. Each story involves the reader and linger in the mind for long,

Website: http://www.pravingandhi.com

About his book



“One at a Time, short stories to muse by” is a collection of short stories, each with an unusual theme, guaranteed to linger in your mind for long.

Book site:          http://www.pravingandhi.com/one-at-a-time.php

facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/1atatime

Get it from an Online store:  www.pravingandhi.com/bookstore.htm