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આ પણ મંતવ્ય જ! This too, Opinion!

બહુ સાંભળ્યું કે “દુનિયા મીથ્યા છે”, “બધુ માયા છે” . હવે સાંભળો: દુનિયા માં બધું જ્ઞાન અસલ માં મંતવ્ય છે. ફક્ત બની ગયેલી અને રેકોર્ડ કરેલી ઘટના જ છે જે મંતવ્ય નથી. બાકી બધું, લખેલું કે બોલેલું , સમકાલીન… Continue reading

Pravin Gandhi: Teesta – Torsa experience – on way to Manas Tiger Reserve

The Teesta -Torsa experience 1st leg:  Calcutta –> Manas Tiger Reserve in Assam on the India-Bhutan border; then –> Gangtok, Sikkim;  then –> Pelling/Hillay/Varshay/Sombarey; then –> Darjeeling; and back to Calcutta. Click on any of the links. Little did we know, that the adventure would… Continue reading

Serendipity of Pravin Gandhi – making pleasant discoveries by accident: Manas Tiger Reserve

contd from Part-1: how we arrived at Manas Tiger Park, from Calcutta So finally we had arrived at Manas Forest Lodge in the Assam state of India. It was a one -storeyed wood building, camouflaged in… Continue reading

Lal Singh of Hillay, Kanchenjunga and more, in Sikkim- Pravin Gandhi’s people, places and perceptions

What a delightful and unforeseen adventure this leg of a long tour of East India proved to be. It had everything: tranquil scenary, interesting common people of the hills, an unexpected twist requiring… Continue reading

Cyclone Phaillin and Orissa: Pravin Gandhi’s People, Places and Perceptions:

Last week’s (Oct 2013) cyclone Phaillin and its non-stop live TV coverage brought back memories of my visit to the coastal Orissa state of India in 1990. More than that, it brought a lump… Continue reading

Pravin Gandhi’s People, Places and Perceptions: Mandu

Travelling for me is not about doing the spots on a travel brochure; its not only been-there-done-that. It is about often taking the path less trodden, going to offbeat places, discovering new places; entangling with… Continue reading