Serendipity of Pravin Gandhi – making pleasant discoveries by accident: Manas Tiger Reserve

contd from Part-1: how we arrived at Manas Tiger Park, from Calcutta So finally we had arrived at Manas Forest Lodge in the Assam state of India. It was a one -storeyed wood building, camouflaged in… Continue reading

Pravin Gandhi – Brrrrmaur and a roller-coaster trip: People, places and perceptions

We boarded a bus after a satisfying Rajma-Chawal lunch at a Vaishno dhaba at Chamba in the Himachal Pradesh state of India, to go to Bharmaur, deeper into the Himalayan folds. We had… Continue reading

“જય ….” નો અતિરેક (Over-use of “Jai…”)

The last 2-3 decades have seen the exuberant over-use in our social interactions of “Jai ….” among people of every faith.
છેલ્લાં એકાદ-બે દાયકા થી આપણા વ્યવ્હાર માં “જય ….” નો ઉચ્ચાર ખૂબ વધી રહ્યો છે.

Lal Singh of Hillay, Kanchenjunga and more, in Sikkim- Pravin Gandhi’s people, places and perceptions

What a delightful and unforeseen adventure this leg of a long tour of East India proved to be. It had everything: tranquil scenary, interesting common people of the hills, an unexpected twist requiring… Continue reading

Cyclone Phaillin and Orissa: Pravin Gandhi’s People, Places and Perceptions:

Last week’s (Oct 2013) cyclone Phaillin and its non-stop live TV coverage brought back memories of my visit to the coastal Orissa state of India in 1990. More than that, it brought a lump… Continue reading

The Babu of Darjeeling (Pravin Gandhi’s People, Places and Perceptions)

This post is actually part-5 of 5 posts on a exciting and eventful journey to East India starting from Calcutta and ending in Darjeeling via Manas Tiger Park, Sikkim, Kanchenjunga, and Varshay-Hillay. As always, my travels are… Continue reading

One at a Time – short stories to muse by

One at a Time – short stories to muse by Imagine yourself in a multi-screen complex where you star in all the films running, but one could only watch one of them. How fascinating would… Continue reading

Pravin Gandhi’s People, Places and Perceptions: Mandu

Travelling for me is not about doing the spots on a travel brochure; its not only been-there-done-that. It is about often taking the path less trodden, going to offbeat places, discovering new places; entangling with… Continue reading

Pravin Gandhi – Photography: “Camouflage”

One of the traits of a photographer is to see a connect between a subject and the environ. So a photographer must be alert to such opportunity and capitalise on it.  Here I… Continue reading

“One at a Time” and the tradition of short-story-telling

This week I released my book “One at a Time” – short stories to muse by. So now I am officially an author! India is the birthplace of the tradition and art of… Continue reading