Narsinh Mehta, Moody Blues and Quantum weirdness

Quantum weirdness: What we call ‘reality’ is just a state of mind Could it be that a just-born baby with a clean state of mind; or an old man suffering from Alzheimers, having… Continue reading

UK and US – the best of both worlds

Pravin Gandhi reminisces what is great about both UK and US, where he has lived, visited, studied and worked for a living.

Body Beautiful

Lying on an operating table, and awake, Pravin Gandhi reminisces about a body that was once the object of intense attention and care, now a collage of “trophies”.

The Road and The Journey

Pravin Gandhi talks abiut his fascination for the Road as a metaphor of Life. To Pravin Gandhi The Road is evocative, philosophical, magnetic, romantic, mysterious, adventurous, enigmatic, and more and poses questions which have an answer only at the “end of the road”.


The most endearing place that I have dwelled in, is undoubtedly Plymouth in the UK. Plymouth is not only a picture-perfect place: my wife Rupa and I have the fondest memories of the place and its people and of the time what we stayed there.

The Times They Are a-Changin’ .. but, are they?

But more the times change, the more they remain the same. Pravin Gandhi contrasts the lines from Bob Dylan and Bob Seger, and uses Guru Dutt’s work to explain his case

Moonlight Sonata on the Brahmaputra

Pravin Gandhi had the good fortune to see a sunset and a full moon rise over the Indian river of Brahmaputra at the same time. Pravin Gandhi captured this divine experience on video to which he added Beethovan’s Moonlight Sonata Opening Movement and Hemant Kumar-sung “O Nodi Re” to make two 3-minute films. Through these films he wishes to share the serenity that he felt.

Father of the Bride

Pravin Gandhi describes the feelings of a father who has just given away his daughter in marriage. References to Father of The Bride, quotes from Gujarati poem “kalja kero katko”, and more.

Ardh-aang-ini, a tribute to all women

Ardh-aang-ini, a tribute to all women

Footloose in Egypt

Egypt is in the throes of a people’s revolution. Pravin Gandhi remembers his footloose travel through Egypt and his amusing encounters.